Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wishing Top Shot Would Make a Comeback

With some of the reboots we've seen of popular TV shows, including Futurama, Arrested Development, etc, I'm regularly wishing something like the History Channel's Top Shot would make a comeback.

Like Duck Dynasty, it's nice to see a 'reality' show where the subjects aren't negative examples of humanity but actually portraying positive qualities personally and in their interactions with those around them.

Top Shot was nice, especially as the show went on, because:

  • The contestants were (mostly) supportive of each other with little backbiting (perhaps because)
  • Success was objectively achieved
  • It promoted the skill of marksmanship
So I keep my eye out for something similar in the works. I happened on this article at Slate of all places extolling the shows virtues. Pretty cool read. 

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