Monday, April 21, 2014

Loud and Proud

A little while ago I quoted the CEO of ATK (Alliant, RCBS, etc) stating that the shooting sports have grown at an annualized rate of 7-10% over the last 25 years. I would assume he got that info from NSSF, but have no easy way to verify it myself.

The Professional Sporting Clays Association is due to go live on TV (NBC) in July. I'd watch that over golf any day! This certainly represents a larger mainstream interest in the shooting sports, and is an important outreach effort. PSCA is cognizant of the role they can play in eliminating stereotypes. Their shooters won't be able to wear jeans or ballcaps! Also, women shooters will figure prominently.

Speaking of the ladies, the NSSF does say in their 2012 annual report that some 72% of their retail members reported an uptick in female customers and that females comprised about 20% of the market two years ago. With that, come new groups to represent, including the Second Amendment Sisters, and a host of products marketed towards women.

Over on The Well Armed Woman, I found this great article on "The Basics of Reloading for Women". Cool.

Here in Alaska, the Department of Fish and Game facilitates "Becoming an Outdoors Woman" classes. Last weekend they just held their "Shotguns and Stilettos" sporting clays event. BOW is a program sponsored by many states and countries, so your own state may have these available to you as well.

NRA-ILA points us to this Washington Times/AP story about gun classes drawing more women.

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