Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's About the BLM, Not Bundy

Not surprising that the militia members at the Bundy Ranch now feel they've been infiltrated by federal agents. I remember hearing a saying once that you could tell who the fed was - he was the one guy in the room always agitating to go blow something up. The agent provocateur.

I tend to agree with Sebastian over at Shall Not Be Questioned - you really have to be careful who you choose to hold up as a battle flag. I too feel the Feds own too much of the states' land - here in Alaska that's a very close-to-home subject - and God knows I fear the government hasn't learned any lessons from the Waco massacre and we need to make sure they don't do it again. That said, here in Alaska we have our share of nut job patriarchs that we've all been tempted to hold up as battle flags, and time and time again you get burned by it.

I think it would be wise to be on message about what this is about and what it's not about - the principle of government overreach, not about Bundy personally. Hold up that American flag, not the Bundy flag.

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