Friday, May 2, 2014

Barrel Length and Bullet Performance

A couple enjoyable reads about barrel length and bullet performance. The obvious tldr is that they're related, but these articles have great empirical evidence demonstrating how performance is impacted, both in expansion and penetration.

The first is a link to a video I first saw on the always-enjoyable TTAG. In this video, they fire the same round out of three different barrel lengths and examine the results.

The second article was over on The Shooter's Log, and specifically focuses on .45 ACP ammunition performance and how it changes with barrel length.

When I first started shooting a Kimber Ultra CDP II, a 3" 1911, I remember getting a few stovepipes in it before realizing the load could make a big difference in how the slide behaved. The internet is replete with conversations about the reliability of short-barrel 1911s, but I think no article sums up the various causes better than Wilson Combat's own post about a year ago.


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