Friday, May 2, 2014

Drake Case Relisted(?)

UPDATE (5/5/14): The Drake petition was denied this morning.

Can't say I'm surprised that Drake v. Jerejian has (EDIT: likely) been relisted. There's also a pay-walled story on The NJH story says Drake may get some play on Monday, so maybe I'm reading the SCOTUSBlog article wrong about the relisting or am premature in thinking this. Time will tell. Each time Drake went to conference last (April 18th, April 25th) the relisting wasn't made official until the following Monday (the 21st, the 28th), however I think petition grants are typically known that Friday if they happen (e.g. Aereo, POM, Limelight grants were all public knowledge the day of conference).

The Supreme Court has been slow to issue writs for a slew of cases, but Drake is one we anxiously watch as it would settle conflicting decisions at the circuit court level on the right to bear arms. called this the "next big gun case", post-Heller/McDonald, and indeed it is.

With all the delays though, I'm not inclined to hold my breath.

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